Voyage for Epiphany

I was in the winter of my life And the men I met along the road were my only summer At night I fell asleep with visions of myself dancing and laughing and crying with them Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour and my memories of them were the... Continue Reading →


My Stars

Fairytale 1 March 2018 Prince Eric, I wonder sometimes, this time is a two faced bitch. At once, it just passes by so fast and so many things happens in a small lapse that it all feels moving with huge speed and all with mixed feelings of ecstasy, agony, delirium, dilemma and what not. And... Continue Reading →

Old City

The city was same, the same people suited up for things I don't care, for things they don't care. The old man with the same pose and a newspaper keeping an eye on matters he isn't involved or invited. The same kid walking his dog till he finds the new object to abuse for entertainment.... Continue Reading →

Magic in disguise

Deliberately the west reaches for new colors, Gaining the exact shade of crullers, Patterns changing through the row of approaching trees, Solidifying me with it's lovely breeze, You look, and soon these two worlds leave you, One climbs toward heaven & other sinks to Earth with the shade blue, It again rises & then sets... Continue Reading →

Realm Of Changes

For the longest time, I presumed that change was in the realm of possibility in a situation. You may desperately try to prevent and stop a change from happening. You may even try to forge ahead even in futile situations. Either from school to college then college to work, from strangers to lovers & then... Continue Reading →

Under the Moon’s Gloom

She was a girl once creating her own world, wild & carefree until her fate was reined in by the hands of others. They became anchors around her ankles pulling her deep into an abyss, nothing seemed real than this. Gradually her spark and will to speak her mind unabashedly were buried under the same... Continue Reading →

Art of Men

Today with a tear; guilty conscience bleed again, Tell 'I bathe in sin' to the people who are sane, Well after 5 years, I accept it's my mistake, After all its none of your headache, A mistake of being a girl in a misogyny world, Where girl is raped, molested as well as worshiped &... Continue Reading →

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