Art of Men

Today with a tear; guilty conscience bleed again,

Tell ‘I bathe in sin’ to the people who are sane,

Well after 5 years, I accept it’s my mistake,

After all its none of your headache,

A mistake of being a girl in a misogyny world,

Where girl is raped, molested as well as worshiped & impearled,

No one cares for girl’s shattered heart,

For them rape & molestation is an art,

Art to be performed by men; to exhibit their masculinity,

So they tear me apart; to talk about my divinity,

But I expect love which is not there from early age,

Betrayed and neglected inside my mental cage,

Now I live like a psycho from my childhood pain,

Getting hurt very young damaged my brain,

Let’s go back to the start,

When you hold the skin over my heart,

Light was there but I was blind,

The image never leaves my mind,

You sat there longing for more,

Like I am the only one you can see on the shore,

Then your cold finger make it’s way through my belly,

As they’re looking something in an alley,

You were all hyped up and ready for a show,

You don’t want to make it slow,

Why did I have to be the doll in your game,

You are the reason why I hide myself in pain,

But now, 5 years after, you don’t remember anything,

Am I the only one, who hadn’t done yet with perishing?

Cause wounds and tears are still there,

I swear, nightmares of that day still scare,

The truth I obscured, took years to unfold,

Locked up & never told,

Now I scream, for I am done being weak,

My pain of tolerance had reached it’s peak,

Everyday that goes by,

I feel ashamed and left to die,

I tried to share my story to those I trust,

But every time I have to adjust,

I am done with life,

So I picked up my knife,

Cutting my veins, does not pain,

It just leave some physical stains,

Still you don’t accept what you did,

Indeed it wasn’t my dream when I was a kid,

But now, don’t pay it any mind,

How much I was hurt you’ll never find,

Time sure does pass & I’ll be fine,

Bitter & cold like chilled red wine,

Don’t care about my imprisoned soul in a body that I hate,

Cause for you that day was only a date,

After all, you need a standing ovation,

Men like you delight the nation,

Society loves to hear item songs,

Where girls are mere items in throngs,

Staring me like a predator is your job,

As in girls are glob,

So be proud of what you did, since I am the one who committed sin,

Because I am a girl who got layers & layers of skin,

But now enough is enough,

Day by day its getting tough,

I am not sugar for your lust,

Or piece of entertainment in your bust

I am a human being with a soul,

With some rights that you stole,

Why you pretend like judges on a Fashion Show,

To keep a check on my small clothes or it’s glow,

You cannot judge me on my attire,

Because you are the one who desires,

Desires my body, which you stalk daily,

Touch it without consent, ruining my bailey,

I have my dreams & wishes which you don’t know,

You just know how to call me a hoe,

But have you realized your depravity ever?

You cannot notice, you are too clever,

But you can notice a girl, who bath in sin,

So you begin!


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