For the longest time, I presumed that change was in the realm of possibility in a situation. You may desperately try to prevent and stop a change from happening. You may even try to forge ahead even in futile situations. 

Either from school to college & college to work, from strangers to lovers & then again strangers or from daughter to wife to a mother. Everything changes and that very time irony unintentionally smirks. 

Changes are inevitable. They happen even before you realize. Sometimes you are able to see things transforming in front of you and you become resilient. You stop them from happening, without realizing things that are meant to be, will be. And things are not, no matter how much you try, it will not be in your favor. Only some will. 

Change is chaos and trying to fix is much like declaring war overtime. There is no escape in its constant discoveries and dynamic inventions. Some you adore, embrace while others you run from. But no matter how far ahead you get, there will always be the day of reckoning. 

And that day will dawn upon your trodden souls, when the change is in front of you. It will show you how acceptance is the only form of compassion time can offer us. Or perhaps you can offer yourself. Instead of resisting, allow changes to unfold. Try to understand what’s transforming. Don’t approach it from a place of denial and resistance. Don’t think that what will happen next. Don’t ask too many questions about closure, transit or both, just acknowledge and embrace whatever it is. 

Some changes may seem like shattering of an exquisite glass vase into a million pieces. But beauty of life is in its changes. Adapt to these transitions with a sign. Have a better experiences, do better things, make your life what you always wanted it to be. In some time you’ll realise the changes you resisted were perhaps the best things that happened.


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