Under the Moon’s Gloom

She was a girl once creating her own world, wild & carefree until her fate was reined in by the hands of others. They became anchors around her ankles pulling her deep into an abyss, nothing seemed real than this. Gradually her spark and will to speak her mind unabashedly were buried under the same soil on which she once ran unreservedly.

Under the moon gloom’s, those touch of bitter coldness frightening her, those hard fingers felt so sniding. A bird locked in a cage or a free soul behind bars seemed better. With those eyes filled with tears, light seems fading. Like winter snowflakes fall on bare tree branches sending shivers in a starless night. Broken, naked on the ground, vast and empty yet full by the shimmer of moon dust, a broken soul cried. Strangely a few seconds lead her into a whole new direction of darkness where she can’t even find herself.

No one will understand the pain of detaching a petal from its flower same as she detached that evil night from her soul. All numb she can’t feel a thing. Everything toned. Screaming to death that day. A beautiful soul buried underground just trying to save herself from evil spirits in the gloom moon’s light. They witnessed her destruction, then were left to wonder, why she saw nothing but darkness, darkness that devours everything.


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